RH03 Tissue Embedding & Cooling System Elevate your laboratory’s embedding process with the Rankin Basics Embedding Station, a meticulously designed solution forged from histotechnicians’ insights. This station seamlessly blends bulletproof reliability, user-friendly design, and efficient cleaning capabilities. With dual removable warming trays accommodating various needs, an adjustable LED work light ensuring optimal visibility, and a … Read more

Plasma & Blood thawing device

Plasma & Blood Thawing Device RH scientific Fast and effective thawing of Fresh Frozen Plasma (FFP), blood, cryoprecipitate, cryopreserved products and stem cells; warming of bags with blood, blood products and substitutes, IV fluids. Enquire Features. No direct contact with water     State-of-the-art technology of dry thawing   Leakage detection sensors     Transparent lid for … Read more

Rh Voc Formaldhyde Monitor

VOC monitor for (Formaldehyde / Benzene / Toluene and TVOC)   Features: VOC gas measuring range: 0.000 to 05.000 ppm Accuracy: ±5% Resolution: ≤ 0.1 ppm Long term stability: ±0.5 %rH Operating temperature: 0°C to +50°C Operating humidity: 0 to 100 %rH (relative humidity) Following is the relative sensitivity for various different vapors – LPG … Read more

Tissue Flotation Bath

Tissue Flotation Bath RH771 with 2 line display with set value and present value. RH771 provides high thermal conductivity rates and outstanding scrtaches resistance due to its special coating overheating protection sysytem along with a stand-by-mode. CONSTANT TEMPERATURE 2 LINE DISPLAY WITH SET VALUE AND PRESENT VALUE TEFLON COATED TUB USER FRIENDLY MICROPROCESSOR CONTROL SILICON HEATER … Read more


Filter Cards for Cytospin White cards are made from a blend of 100% cotton and cellulose fibers Enquire Features. Description White cards are made from a blend of 100% cotton and cellulose fibers Excellent absorbent padding for the collection of excess reagents or wash solution Cellulose fibers improve the card’s strength and durability during centrifugation … Read more

OCT Compound ( CryomatrixTM Embedding Medium

Tissue Embedding OCT Compound ,Cryomatrix TM Embedding Medium Ultrafreeze Frozen Section Adhesive (Oct Compound)  Freeze Gel, 4 Oz, Clear. UltraFreeze Frozen Section Medium is formulated to be an optimal cutting compound for frozen specimens. UltraFreeze does not separate from tissue as it freezes like other Frozen compounds. Available clear, and in four additional colors to … Read more

Tissue Embedding Moulds & Capsules

Tissue Embedding SS Mould & Capsules Stainless Steel Tissue Embedding Molds Reusable Base Molds & Capsules. — Fits most standard tissue embedding cassettes.Stainless steel construction provides superior thermal conductivity. The molds have a highly polished surface for easy paraffin block removal and cleaning.The well corners are rounded for effortless tissue block removal and optimal paraffin … Read more

Pathlogy Bone cutter

BONE CUTTER This electric Bone cutting machine with 6 sharp saw blades and a 750W motor can cut Bone Frozen meat fastly. Equipped with a 20’’*13’’ food-grade stainless steel workbench, anti-rust and anti-corrosion, easy to clean. Widely used in cutting Pathlogy Grossing station. About this item Powerful Bone Saw Machine: The bone cutter machine is … Read more

RH SCIENTIFIC RH603 Semi-Automated Rotary Microtome

RH603 Semi Rotary Microtome RH scientific RH603 semi automated rotary microtome offers quality sections and effortless experience with engineered mechanism and ergonomic design, adapting to the need of every microtomists in the laboratory. Enquire Features. Precision oriented RH603 microtome is a new product derived from RH602 rotary microtome which is highly praised by lab technicians. … Read more


Amos Paraffin Wax   AMOS Histology wax are produced by subjecting paraffin waxes to highly sophisticated refining processes, including unique distillation, crystallisation and de-oiling technologies. Fast and straightforward embedding process Good compatibility with the infiltrated sample Easy positioning of the tissue sample Excellent microtome sectioning results Gentle on microtome blades Highly soluble in xylene Enquire