RH03 Tissue Embedding & Cooling System Elevate your laboratory’s embedding process with the Rankin Basics Embedding Station, a meticulously designed solution forged from histotechnicians’ insights. This station seamlessly blends bulletproof reliability, user-friendly design, and efficient cleaning capabilities. With dual removable warming trays accommodating various needs, an adjustable LED work light ensuring optimal visibility, and a … Read more


Amos Paraffin Wax   AMOS Histology wax are produced by subjecting paraffin waxes to highly sophisticated refining processes, including unique distillation, crystallisation and de-oiling technologies. Fast and straightforward embedding process Good compatibility with the infiltrated sample Easy positioning of the tissue sample Excellent microtome sectioning results Gentle on microtome blades Highly soluble in xylene Enquire

Grossing Station

Grossing Station   RH scientific Equip your pathology laboratory with the safest and most personalized grossing station ever offered. RH scientific understands that each pathology professional has their own workspace preferences, and each laboratory holds their own safety, ergonomic and workflow requirements. Because of this, we’ve designed the RH scientic Grossing Station. RH Grossing Workstation … Read more

Laser Cassette Printer

Laser Cassette Printer   RH scientific laser printer uses an innovative low-power laser to create a permanent, sharp and indelible marking that is not harmful to the operator. Specifically designed for labs that require a reliable solution to safely mark crates ensuring a high productivity workflow. Enquire

RH08 Cryostat Microtome

RH 08 Cryostat Microtome RH scientific RH08 Cryostat Microtome features high refrigeration capacity, fast cooling and stable sectioning result. Enquire Features. Reliable section quality Exquisite mechanisms Driven by precise motors and durable guide rails, RH Scientific’s RH08 cryostat produces uniform section continuously and fears not heavy workload. Applicable to all types of tissues RH Scientific’s … Read more