RH G685 Cassette Printer

RH G685 Tissue Cassette Ultraviolet Printer, using the latest UV laser
printing technology, can clearly print high-resolution patterns and
information on the surface of the tissue cassette. The high-definition
printing content and QR code will comprehensively meet the
requirements of the pathology information system.


Unique cold laser printing technology

This technology offers permanent and high resolution print (up to 2500 dpi) allows for great scannability and identification throughout cassettes’ life. RH scientific’s data matrix can contain over 100 alphanumeric characters.

Latest UV laser printing technology

Small laser spot and higher fineness can clearly print out the extremely
high-resolution QR code and related information.

Zero cost

No ribbon or ink jet. Tissue cassette without adding laser powder (radium carving powder). Except tissue cassette, no other consumable cost.

High throughput, great results

RH scientific G685 cassette printers marks cassettes at a rate of every 2.5 seconds, leading to an impressive throughput of 1440 cassettes marked per hour.


Printing technology Non-contact laser marking technology
Print Resolution 2500 Dpi (Clearly print characters, letters, symbols, barcodes and other information)
Print content Alphanumeric, characters in various languages, barcodes, patterns
Printing Speed 2-3 seconds
Air filtration system Inbuilt-in composite air filtration treatment device
operating system Built-in operating microsoft window system without external connection ,Data interface via usb also
Built-in scanner Inbuilt barcode scanner
Printing Modes Manually ,barcode scaning, and Automatic LIS print Method
System interface LIS, HIS
Operating systems Windows
Screen 10.1-inch full-color LCD touch screen
Hoppers 6 Hoppers
Load capacity 6 loading hoppers (ONE Hopper 100 cassettes Capacity), up to 600 cassettes
Output organizer tray Up to 50 cassettes (Equipped with a tray and sliding rail for collecting tissue cassettes)
Equipment dimension 420 * 380 * 395 mm
Net weight Approx. 30 kg
power 100 - 240 VAC, ± 10 %, 210 VA 50/60 Hz

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