RH07 , RH 07ASemi & Fully Automated Rotary Microtome.

RH scientific RH07 semi & fully automated rotary microtome offers quality sections and effortless experience with engineered mechanism and ergonomic design, adapting to the need of every microtomists in the laboratory.


Visual pointer

  • » Designed with the visual pointer on precise positioning
    system, easy to adjust the sample to the target angle,
    reducing trimming and sample waste.
  • » Adjust multiple devices to the same angle easily
    and quickly.

Automatic section

  • » It is stable and maintains slice consistency.
  • » No extra skills required, easy to complete the operation.
  • » Some specimens such as embryos and brains need to be
    cut for hundreds of pieces. It is hard for you, but easy for
    automatic section.

Adapt to users

  • Rocking mode allows trimming without a full rotation of handwheel, reducing fatigue.
  • Smart switch between rocking mode and sectioning.
  • 3-in-1 coarse feed wheel with reversible wheel direction adapts to the microtomists’ preference.
  • 5 inch touch screen with concise UI and physical control panel allow intuitive control.
  • 2-in-1 blade holder for high and low profile blades.

Convenient operation

  1. *Side sample feeding knob integrated with
    the microtome.Use with fingers, no need to
    wave arm and wrist, minimize the risk of
    developing repetitive motion
  2. *The feeding speed can be adjusted freely
    between 0-1800um/s, more choice and more
  3. *Durable military-grade devices. Operation
    life is more than 20 million times

Information backtracking

  •   With historical record system, operation and alarm logs are show on 5-inch touch screen, to query the microtome usage and facilitate information tracking.

Easily removable waste tray

  • » With magnetic function, easy to disassemble and install.
  • » Special coating materials tray, easy to clean up, shorten
    the cleaning time to a few seconds.


Sectioning Thickness Range: 0.5 ~ 100μm
Setting Values 0.5~5μm
Trimming Thickness Range 1~600μm
Object Feed 30mm
Specimen Orientation Horizontal: ±8Vertical: ±8
Specimen Retraction 5-100 μm, in 5 μm increments, can be turned off
Electric Course Feed: 20 μm/click and 1000(2000)/s
Blade Holder Base Movement ± 24mm.
Maximum Specimen Size (L x H x W): 50 x 60 x 40 mm.
Dimensions Basic Instrument:
Width (incl. 2 handwheels on both sides) 480mm
Depth (incl. waste tray) 577mm.
Height: 286mm.
Net Weight 29kg
Work Temperature +10 °C ~ +35 °C
Work Humidity <80%, no condensation water
Nominal Supply Voltage 100 ~240V AC (±20V)
Nominal Frequency 50/60 Hz
Power Draw 70W

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