This electric Bone cutting machine with 6 sharp saw blades and a 750W motor can cut Bone Frozen meat fastly. Equipped with a 20’’*13’’ food-grade stainless steel workbench, anti-rust and anti-corrosion, easy to clean. Widely used in cutting Pathlogy Grossing station.

About this item

  • Powerful Bone Saw Machine: The bone cutter machine is equipped with a 1500W high-power motor, cutting 661Lb bones per hour, which improves cutting efficiency.  
  • Adjustable Cutting Thickness: The cutting thickness range is 0.8-4.3”. When you cut bones, loosen the fixing screw on the workbench first, then push the movable block to the appropriate cutting position, and finally tighten the screw to fix it. There is a clear scale on the table, you can choose a suitable position according to your needs.
  • Stainless Steel Workbench: The commercial bone saw machine is applied with a 20”*13” food-grade stainless steel tabletop, anti-rust and anti-corrosion, which ensures the entire production process clean and healthy. Please wipe the countertop clean and place the machine in a dry and cool place after each use.
  • Safety to Use: The commercial bone cutting machine is applied with a variety of protection devices like a wide putter, a waterproof switch, two locks, and four non-slip bases, keeping your hands away from sharp saw blades and improving the stability of the machine. These devices can make the entire cutting process safe.
  • 6 Sharp and Removable Saw Blade: The electric meat saw machine comes with a sharp saw blade, which is easy to saw bones or frozen meat without any twisting or finagling. It has an adjustment knob on the top, convenient for adjusting saw blade tension to remove the pulley and saw blade for cleaning. Loosening the blade knob can extend the life of the blade after each use. We will provide 1 free saw blades for you to replace


750W Powerful Motor

750W pure copper motor with low noise runs stably and efficiently, which can cut 661Lb bones per hour. 

Stainless Steel Workbench

20”*13” food-grade stainless steel tabletop ensures the entire production process clean and healthy. The precise scales are used to adjust cutting thickness.

Safe Putter

The wide putter is applied with two side blades to make cutting safer and easier. Keep your hands away from sharp blades. The safety handle design is more convenient to apply force.

Top Knob

The top knob is convenient for adjusting saw blade tension. Loosening the top knob can extend the life of the blade after each use.


Safety Switch

The waterproof ON/OFF switch is easy to operate. And switch protection cover improves electricity safety.


Specification RH Bone Cutter
Voltage 110V
Wattage 1500W
Workbench Size 20" x 15"
Cutting Thickness 0.8-5.9”
Cutting Height 9.3’’
Efficiency 992 LBS/H
Item Dimensions 20" x 15" x 36"
Item Weight 110 LBS
Saw Blade Length 64.96" (1650 mm)


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