Tissue Embedding OCT Compound ,Cryomatrix TM Embedding Medium

Ultrafreeze Frozen Section Adhesive (Oct Compound) 

Freeze Gel, 4 Oz, Clear. UltraFreeze Frozen Section Medium is formulated to be an optimal cutting compound for frozen specimens. UltraFreeze does not separate from tissue as it freezes like other Frozen compounds. Available clear, and in four additional colors to optimize cutting efficiency in even the busiest labs. Snip Top with cap for variable dispensing.



  • Outstanding embedding medium used to support tissue for frozen sectioning.
    • Forms a firm bond with the specimen holder that secures and supports tissue
    • Removed during staining
    • Freezes quickly, sections smoothly, and dissolves in water without residue
  • Frozen Section Medium is Formulated to be an Optimal Cutting Compound for Frozen Specimen
  • Does Not Separate from Tissue as it Freezes Like Other Frozen Compound
  • Snip Top with Cap for Variable Dispensing

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