HP300 Tissue Processor

RH scientific’s HP300 tissue processor provides reliable processing results and stable operation. Combining with multi-level reagent management, component monitoring and trustworthy technologies, HP300 tissue processor allows you feel confident in the workflow.



Self-test: automatically check key operation parameters before the process starts, minimizing the possibility of malfunction from the beginning

Component monitoring: real-time monitoring of components and parameter settings. Together with intelligent analysis and precaution, further offers great overall performance

Specimen safety

Power failure protection: memorize the current processing step on account of a power failure; immerse samples in safe reagent if UPS is connected

Cloud remote monitoring: have the status in control even while away, remind via multiple methods when a risk is detected

Ceramic rotary valve: heat-resistant ceramic valve significantly reduces blockage caused by wax attachment and thus promotes the stability and accuracy of liquid delivery

Ultrasonic sensors: Ultrasonic sensors unaffected by wax buildups are able to provide correct liquid level information consistently

Reagent Quality Management

Reagent Automatic Rotation

Reagent/paraffin automatic rotation,comfortable at operation.

Reagent reminder

Automatic reminder in reagent bottles threshold, reduce misoperation.

Ergonomic design

Auto electric lock

Electric lock can be triggered on touch screen effortlessly and offers better sealing.

Screen angle adjustable

12.1 inch touch screen with adjustable viewing angle adapts to preferences

Liquid Level Observation

Back-lit reagent chamber brings a clear view of the reagents

Easy to Clean

Teflon coating and patented marble countertop are easy to clean and helps provide good processing results.


Rated voltage and frequency 100 - 120 VAC / 220 - 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Rated power 1200 VA
Operating temperature +10°C to +40°C
Dimension (W × D × H) 620 × 640 × 1170 mm
Weight (without reagents) Approx. 180 kg
Retort capacity Maximum 300 cassettes in 2 sample baskets
Paraffin reservoirs 3 small, 1 large
Paraffin reservoir volume Small: 4.2 L; large: 5.6 L
Reagent bottles 10
Cleaning reagent bottles 3
Condensate bottle 1
Reagent bottle volume 3 levels: 3 L, 4.3 L, 4.8 L. Maximum 5 L
Temperature (paraffin) 50 – 65°C
Temperature (processing reagents) Up to 65°C
Temperature (rinsing reagents) Up to 65 °C
Level sensors 3 ultrasonic sensors

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