DP360 & CS500 Stainer & Coverslipper Workstation

High throughput, fully automated staining and coverslipping process. Quality control system embedded and ready-to-use consumables, and patented AAT system keeps each slide consistent.


Combo system: The future of pathology’s workstation

High throughput, fully automated staining and coverslipping process. Quality control system embedded and ready-to-use consumables, and patented AAT system keeps each slide consistent.

Expertise in quality control, excellent staining effect

Patented AAT system

AAT technology keeps staining consistent according to the specimen / numbers of staining rack and /or days of hematoxylin and eosin use, the soaking time will be gradually increased to achieve staining consistency.

This system saves on the reagent cost.

Reagent Management: quality control

The Software controls the reagent management system. It allows the users to monitor reagent utilization and automatically generates a replacement reminder. This report enables effective traceability and management of staining quality and helps to reduce reagent costs.

Reduce reagent carry over and cross contamination

The powerful robotic arm has the function of ” leaching” and “shaking” .The slide stainer can effectively reduce reagent carry over and limit cross contamination.

High speed robotic arm

The robotic arm is quick and silent . Its vertical pulling speed can be as fast as 0.76 m/s. It allows up to 11 slide racks to run at the same time. The staining time is always accurate.

High throughput, high efficiency

High-throughput staining and coverslipping

The innovative intelligent software algorithm is able to handle approximately 360 slides per hour (depending on the user protocols).

On Combo mode, the transfer process is managed inside the CS500 without additional transfer station.

CS500 Automated inspection

The device’s performance and reagent status are automatically checked before each run. The damaged coverslips are automatically identified . The CS500 has a micro-pump which delivers the exact mounting media, to prevent spillage. To avoid needle blockage, the needle will be automatically self-cleaned once coverslipping is completed.

Horizontal Slide tray output

No manual transfer is needed, which allows for convenient image reading.


Enter up to 100 protocols

2 Pre-programmed protocols : H/E staining, PAP staining.

Flexible reagent solution

Optional exclusive ready-to-use reagent supplies for better results.

Reagent heating station

The reagent can be slightly heated to eliminate the impact of climate differences and save reagent costs.

QC for each slide

Scientific management for reagents

  • Reminder or forcible execution for reagents renewal.
  • Historical renewal records can be checked at any time.
  • Graphic reports of SOP can be exported directly.
  • Statistics of reagents consumption.

Human-computer interaction is intuitive

Display indicates the status of the Stainer and coverslipper, the current reagent status and the amount of slides that have been completed.

Remote real-time monitoring, alarms and queries

RH Scientific’s cloud remote monitoring system allows real-time monitoring of instrument status and remote warning (through webpage, email, SMS, and other ways), for effective management of equipment and enhanced tissue safety.

Safety and ergonomic

Unique interaction

25 cm (10.4 inch) color touch display, user-friendly software design, simple operation process.

Total safety

The intelligent exhaust gas monitoring function ensures that fumes do not escape. The exhaust gas concentration sensor monitors in real-time to protect staff’s health.

Various alarms

Real-time voice, visual signals, text, and notification via application provide an intelligent operating guide program.


Dimensions, unpacked (W x D x H) 1066 x 700 x 630 mm
Net Weight approx.130 kg
Power consumption 1200 VA
Supply voltage/ frequency 100 - 240 VAC 50/60 Hz
Operating temperature range +15°C to +40°C
Total stations 26
Oven station and temperature 1; Max temperature 75°C
Reagent heating station 4; Max temperature 38°C
Water washing station 4
Reservoir volume 480 ml ± 20 ml
Program storage capacity ≥100 programs
Slide rack capacity 30 pcs
Throughtput H/E 360 slides per hour
CS500 Technical Specifications
Dimensions, unpacked (W x D x H) 660 x 770 x 640 mm
Net weight approx.90 kg
Power consumption 180 VA
Supply voltage/ frequency 100 - 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Horizontal output storage 90 pcs
Coverslip capacity 200 pcs
Mountant bottle capacity 250 ml
Throughput 360 slides per hour
Coverslip sizes ( mm) 24 x 50

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