RH603 Semi Rotary Microtome

RH scientific RH603 semi automated rotary microtome offers quality sections and effortless experience with engineered mechanism and ergonomic design, adapting to the need of every microtomists in the laboratory.


Precision oriented

  • RH603 microtome is a new product derived from RH602 rotary microtome which is highly praised by lab technicians. The instrument has been specially designed for the users who are used to trimming with a control box
  • .Besides all the functions of RH602 rotary microtome, there is a new function of RH-603, which is fast retraction to memory position. With the separate control box, it offers the lab technicians 3 different modes of trimming, by control panel,by coarse feed hand wheel or by control box.

Ergonomics infused

  • Smooth-running and light hand wheel thanks to expertly designed force balance system.
  • Thumb design on the hand wheel for the thumb to rest on amid heavy workload.
  • Large volume, removable waste tray with slope interior for effortless cleaning.
  • Rounded corner in every corner protects laboratory technicians.
  • Bottom glider makes cleaning easier.

Adapt to users

  • Rocking mode allows trimming without a full rotation of handwheel, reducing fatigue.
  • Smart switch between rocking mode and sectioning.
  • 3-in-1 coarse feed wheel with reversible wheel direction adapts to the microtomists’ preference.
  • 5 inch touch screen with concise UI and physical control panel allow intuitive control.
  • 2-in-1 blade holder for high and low profile blades.

Engineered mechanisms

  • Ultra-precise, sleek rail with cross roller bearings and force balance system bring ultimate sectioning
  • experience and reliability
  • Fine step angle stepper motor for precise sectioning
  • Dovetail groove blade holder base guarantees stable, wobbling-free operation
  • Double lock ensures safety

Joint effort of engineering and art

 Separate control panel:
 It can be connected or disconnect with the microtome easily. The parameter settings are synchronized with the in-housing control panel. It enables precise feeding.

Fast retraction to memory position:
After a new specimen is fitted in the clamp,the calmp will be automatically retracted to memory postion with a simple click on the button.

  • Fast/Slow advance and retreat function.


Sectioning Thickness Range: 0.5 ~ 100μm
Setting Values 0.5~5μm
Trimming Thickness Range 1~600μm
Object Feed 30mm
Specimen Orientation Horizontal: ±8Vertical: ±8
Specimen Retraction 5-100 μm, in 5 μm increments, can be turned off
Electric Course Feed: 20 μm/click and 1000(2000)/s
Blade Holder Base Movement ± 24mm.
Maximum Specimen Size (L x H x W): 50 x 60 x 40 mm.
Dimensions Basic Instrument:
Width (incl. 2 handwheels on both sides) 480mm
Depth (incl. waste tray) 577mm.
Height: 286mm.
Net Weight 29kg
Work Temperature +10 °C ~ +35 °C
Work Humidity <80%, no condensation water
Nominal Supply Voltage 100 ~240V AC (±20V)
Nominal Frequency 50/60 Hz
Power Draw 70W


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